"My life has completely changed

and I have a new outlook on the future. Now when I smile, it’s a genuine outward expression of how I really feel inside. Happy!”

– Angie

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“I am so proud of myself

for sticking with the program and keeping the weight off for nearly three years. Weight loss surgery is a phenomenal tool, when used correctly, can give you back your life.”

– Jessica

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“I am passionate about the benefits of bariatric surgery and have seen the life-changing effects it has on patients. They have so much life still ahead of them, and you really see them blossom and transform their lives. It is very gratifying to perform weight loss surgery and see patients so radically change their lives and health in as little as six months.”

-John Yadegar, M.D.,
Program Director

“Dr Yadegar is an amazing doctor & a very skilled physician. I thank him from the bottom of my heart for giving me the tool for which I transformed my life 360 degrees.”

– Christina

“I just completed my first 5k this last weekend. I wouldn’t have been able to do it two years ago. Thank you Dr. Yadegar for all the support you provide to your patients!”

– Amanda

“All my fears were eased once I met Dr. Yadegar. He is sincerely thorough and asks all the right questions; even ones I never thought would be significant. You are not just a file number, you are a loved person.”

– Esperanza

“The directions Dr. Yadegar and his team gave me were in terms I could understand and follow. If I had a question they gladly explained it to me. I’m most grateful I’m getting the best treatment and support I could possibly be getting.”

– Hugh

It’s time for you to learn more about weight loss surgery.

You've been thinking about it. And you don't need to travel to Los Angeles, Bakersfield or Riverside to get high-quality, accredited weight loss surgery. Time to learn more! Join Dr. John Yadegar and his team on Thursday, December 8, 2016, 5:30 PM at Palmdale Regional...
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What’s on your holiday list?

We asked this weight loss surgery Mentor Team, ranging from 9 months to 4 years post-op, "What's on your holiday list?" What gift would  you like this year, that you wouldn't have imagined ever wanting, before surgery? Male, 2 years post-op, Sleeve: "Kettlebells.  I'm...
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You can enjoy the holidays after weight loss surgery.

At a support group meeting, Liz and Dr. John Yadegar's patients discussed how you can enjoy the holidays after weight loss surgery. "The holidays, as great as they are, always focus around food.  For me, being all these years out, I can eat more than I used to and it...
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Staying Motivated After Weight Loss Surgery

Whether you will have surgery next month, had surgery 3 years ago, or you have just completed your first pre-op test, you made the decision to have weight loss surgery. Oftentimes, people believe the decision is just about having the surgery. However, the journey...
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Holiday advice from weight loss surgery patients.

We asked Dr. Yadegar's MENTOR TEAM, "What the best holiday advice you'd give to your fellow weight loss surgery patients?" Female, 30-40, Sleeve, 12-18 months: "I admit it was hard the first year. I had my surgery in early October, so by the time the holidays rolled...
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Your relationship with food before and after weight loss surgery.

In this weight loss surgery article, authors Jean Marie Rafferty, LCSW, and Daria Dodds, CSW, ask weight loss surgery patients to clearly evaluate their prior relationship with food and set their sights on the relationship they'd like to have with food. "Ask yourself...
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“How much caffeine after weight loss surgery?”

Decisions are made when you choose to have weight loss surgery.  You commit to eating a high protein diet, taking daily vitamins & supplements, maintaining a consistent exercise routine, no smoking, drinking plenty of water, and much more.  For those who decide to...
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Support Group with Liz Roark, RN – September, 2016

Join Liz Roark, RN and your fellow patients to discuss DUMPING (even with the sleeve), increased fertility after surgery, how patients regain weight, mindful eating, choosing the right procedure, cooking with "Blue Apron" and innovative ways to stay...
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Cross-Addiction After Weight Loss Surgery

Research neuroscientist and psychologist, Dr. Nicole Avena, addresses Cross-Addiction after Weight Loss Surgery: "...Addictive behaviors are sometimes engaged in to handle stress or unpleasant emotional states. In fact, 10-25 percent of adult alcohol drinkers report...
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Dr. Yadegar joins Liz for support group!

You know it's going to be an educational AND fun time when Dr. Yadegar joins Liz at the support group meeting! Topics from last month's meeting include regain at four years, meal prep, showing up and asking for help when you're struggling, and celebrating non-scale...
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