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We asked Dr. Yadegar’s mentor team, “How do you celebrate success after bariatric surgery?”

“I think we forget that we’re making progress everyday,” Dr. Gat reminds patients at a recent support group.  “Take a little time and get out some pictures of yourself before surgery and pictures of yourself as you’re getting healthier.  List barriers you’ve overcome, even tracking days when you wanted to overeat and you didn’t.  Sometimes we forget that these are also successes!”

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Female, 30-40, Sleeve Post-Op 1-2 years:
“I remember when I was dieting, which seemed like all the time, they would tell you to set small goals and reward yourself for each one- like losing 2-3 pounds a week.   But I had to lose 160 pounds, it seemed ridiculous to celebrate 2-3 pounds.   Thankfully with my Sleeve and thanks to Dr. Yadegar, I could celebrate bigger weight loss.  I celebrated every 10 pounds.  The weight was coming off so fast I was celebrating every couple of weeks!  I didn’t care though.  I deserved it!  I did different things.  I would go for a massage, or I spend an afternoon in the library just reading and relaxing in the quiet (I have 3 kids under eight), or I would meet my friends for a movie.  I am thankful that my husband completely supported me having surgery AND my weight loss rewards!”

Female, 30-40, Gastric Bypass Post-Op 1-2 years:
“When I was thinking about having surgery, I went to the support group and heard patients talking about their impressive weight loss.  150 pounds!  200 pounds!  Well I had a 40 BMI and needed to lose 90 pounds to be at a normal BMI.  I lost 84 and I feel great where I am.  But I was losing a little slower than the people who were losing 150 pounds.  Sometimes I felt like I wasn’t doing as well.  A woman at support group, who had surgery a couple of years ago, told me she had lost 92 pounds and she was at goal weight.  We talked and she understood how I was feeling.  Our conversation reminded me that we’re all on our own journeys.  Just because I haven’t lost 200 pounds doesn’t mean I haven’t accomplished a lot.  I figured this out when I had lost about 40 pounds and that’s when I started taking pictures of myself and taking my measurements, all tips I got at support group.  By the time I reached 80 pounds, I looked at all the pictures, and some I had from before surgery, and I could see the results of my hard work.  I would tell new patients, no matter how much weight you have to lose, to take pictures every couple of weeks and take your measurements too.  You’ll see how great you’ve done.  And don’t compare yourself to other people because we all have our own journeys.”

Male, 30-40, Sleeve, 2-3 years:
“My wife has been my biggest supporter.  We’ve been together 15 years and I was obese from the time we met.  She never pushed me, she’s always supported me.  As the weight came off and I had more energy, I decided to do something for my wife.  For all those years there were a lot of things we couldn’t do and places we couldn’t go because of my weight.  She never complained.  We started going places and doing things, we started living.  I make sure to take her somewhere special every few weeks.  We’re celebrating our success!”

Female, 50-60, Gastric Bypass, 3-4 years:
“They tell you in the beginning that this is a lifelong journey, and it is.  That first year the weight came off fast, and I was buying clothes and doing new things and loving it.  I could see the progress I was making.  But after two years, after my weight had settled, I had to find other ways to see progress, because I had to stay motivated.  I started dance classes with my coworker and my body started to change.  I wasn’t losing weight but my legs got firmer, my arms got more toned and my clothes fit better.  I’m still doing my dance classes and I’ve added a weekly Zumba class.  This is how I remind myself how far I’ve come.  Before surgery I would have never signed up for a class and now I’m out four nights a week!”