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Weight loss affects one’s health in tremendous ways.  Along with the reduction in pounds and body size, many patients also experience a positive change in confidence and attitude.  Put all these changes together and very often there are transformations in relationships after weight loss surgery. The majority of changes are positive, friends are family are happy to celebrate the patient’s newfound health and vitality.  But some do not.  How do patients see their relationships after surgery?

At 3-6 months post-op:

Gastric Bypass/32/Female:  “My boss is happier with my job performance, I’m getting along with people better.  My relationship with food is better.”

Gastric Bypass/55/Male:  “There is more romance with my wife.  We spend more time together.”

Sleeve/40/Female:  “Some friends have lost touch with me, I think it’s because of their own struggles with weight.”

Gastric Bypass/29/Female:  “My husband and I have a better relationship.  My mother’s face brightens every time she sees me.  My family and I are better than ever.”

Gastric Bypass/51/Female:  “My husband tells me everyday how great I look.  My friends say I’m not cranky anymore.”

Sleeve/36/Female:  “My husband jokes that I am looking so good he better be careful.”

Sleeve/51/Male:  “I want to be around people now.  My wife and I go out with friends more.”


Patients at 6-12 months post-op:

Lap Band/44/Male:  “My wife has loved me no matter what size I am but I know she likes the weight loss.  I am getting nice comments from coworkers.”

Gastric Bypass/53/Female:  “Things are much better with my husband.  My family supports me 100%.”

Gastric Bypass/42/Female:  “Some friends and some family have behaved a little strange, they don’t comment on my weight loss.  These are people who are overweight themselves.”

jealous heart leo buscaglia At more then 12 months post-op:

Sleeve/56/Female:  “I have lots of new friends.”

Gastric Bypass/64/Female:  “It’s had a positive impact on all my relationships.”

Sleeve/43/Female:  “People say I am much nicer.  I think I am and it’s allowing people to open up to me.”

Gastric Bypass/36/Female:  “I have a much better relationship with my husband.  We do things together now, and go places with our two daughters.”

Gastric Bypass/49/Male:  “It can be a rollercoaster with some people and how they react to me.  But I am staying strong.”

Sleeve/40/Female:  “I have a better attitude toward people which has allowed them to interact more with me.  I’m not so angry.”

Gastric Bypass/31/Female:  “I am in a relationship with a great man!”