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After Surgery

  • Patients are encouraged to have a support person spend the first night with them in the hospital. Palmdale Regional Medical Center provides recliner-beds for overnight visitors.
  • Dr. Yadegar strongly recommends that patients remain off from work, or regular activities for two weeks after surgery. This recommendation is not made due to a difficult recovery, but because it takes time for patients to adjust to their new patterns of drinking, eating, supplements, walking and resting. When patients return to normal activities too soon they very often forget to nourish themselves properly since they get busy and don’t feel hungry. The same hazards exist with drinking water, taking supplements, walking and getting enough rest. These two weeks following surgery allow the patient to adapt to their new lifestyle.
  • 1-2 weeks after surgery, the patient returns to see Dr. Yadegar for their Post-Op Visit. At this appointment, Dr. Yadegar examines the patient’s incisions, discusses the patient’s progress, and provides instructions for the next phase of the patient’s Post-Op journey, including returning to work and exercise.
  • Click here to see Dr. Yadegar’s review, “How to Take Your Vitamins & Supplements”.
  • Dr. Yadegar reminds patients that the surgery is a phenomenal tool, but long-term success is up to them.
  • Consistent exercise is critical to long-term success, click here to see what Dr. Yadegar has to say about exercise.
  • Dr. Yadegar strongly emphasizes the importance of NO SMOKING after surgery.
  • Looking ahead, it is important for patients to plan ahead, especially having a good nutrition plan.
  • Dr. Yadegar asks patients to schedule an appointment with their Primary Care Physician after surgery for medication evaluation and recommendations.
  • During the first year, patients will see Dr. Yadegar for 3-4 follow-up visits, then at 18 months, 2 years, and then annually.
  • Support from family, friends and fellow-patients can make all the difference in long-term success. In addition, attending in-person support group meetings provides education and motivation. Many of Dr. Yadegar’s support group meetings are recorded and made available on his You Tube channel.